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Key factors to improve the Vacation Rental distribution

Key factors to improve
Vacation Rental distribution

Vacation Rental consolidation in travel sector comes hand in hand with the professionalization of the market. According to the V Barometer of Vacation Rental in Spain in the last two years, Vacation Rentals has been used in 110 million trips, so there is still a large percentage of growth.

Achieving an increase in market share is directly related to technological evolution. It is a key factor to improve competitiveness in Vacation Rentals, as it helps to improve the distribution and therefore reach the traveler.

In Andresturiweb blog, we find a general map of how to improve distribution, specifically in the post Technologies to improve the distribution of Vacation Rental. These are some of the technologies that Andresturiweb, of the Tourist Marketing agency, Asiri Marketing, mentions as key factors to enhance the distribution:


Technologies to promote direct booking


Promote direct booking through your own website with these tools:

  • RMS Technology. The Revenue Management System is the software that is responsible for getting the most out of the prices. The prices of the market, the demand and the competition are analyzed to have information of the price strategy that must be followed. An example of RMS is Beonprice.
  • Activitie’s booking engines. It is about giving an added value to the traveler so that he/she can book on your website and not on another one. Here we can mention Airbnb Exceperiences, Viator or even softwares that facilitate its management and distribution of activities such as BookingKit.
  • Chatbots. Automating customer service through Chatbots allows, for example, to take advantage of a website’s traffic to boost direct booking or to capture leads. An example of these tools is Guelcom
  • Booking reclaimers. It is necessary to try that the traffic that reaches us to the web makes a reservation and does not leave the web, so we can use tools such as Booklyng.
  • Email marketing automatization. This part is focused on customers who already know the product, and of which we have the data in the databases.
    With tools as Acumbamail we can strengthen the distribution of our accommodations.
  • PMSs all in One. Property Management Systems have evolved quite a lot, including complex functionalities for the management of accommodation. Having the right technology and facilitating work is a good way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Softwares as Manaager allow you to manage your Vacation Rentals with the necessary technology.
  • Landing pages generators. You can improve the conversion rates of your marketing campaigns by creating landing pages with tools such as Instapage that facilitates the work of working with your website and associated to this specific landing pages per action.
  • Police card in your tourist apartments. The Tourist Rental Law obliges companies and managers of holiday homes to collect data from customers, and send it in less than 24 hours to the authorities. For this management, there are platforms like Check-in Scan that simplifies the process.
  • Traveler registration through App.  There are apps that help in guests registration, the elaboration of the entrance and book-registration parts. With applications like Chekin extracting data and automatically filling contracts and entry parts according to the new data protection law (RGDP) will be simple and secure.


Technologies for an assisted online distribution


Take advantage of  large portals and channels to gain visibility and increase booking possibilities:

  • OTA’s. It’s about online Travel Agencies. The great Otas increasingly offer Holiday Rental on their platforms, given the demand of travelers.
  • Metasearchers. Here travelers are looking for the best option at the best price, so the sensitivity to the price is very high. They also allow us to compare the price between OTA’s, in order to find the best option in relation to price-quality.
  • Alternative Distribution. Thorough Hiungo a new alternative distribution model is offered. It is a wholesale platform for Vacation Rental, which, based on a great technological development, offers you an alternative distribution, far from the traditional channels. In this way, it is possible to connect demand and offer in a simple way.

This is the general map that Asiri Marketing suggests to improve your holiday homes distribution. hiungo.com Alternative Distribution helps you increase your bookings, what are you waiting for join us?